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При поръчка от 1 кашон (6 броя от който и да е вид от нашите продукти), доставката е безплатна

Made from high quality distillate on carefully selected well matured quinces. It is featured with fascinating aroma of quinces. The taste is soft and harmonious, with explosive fruit shades and long memorable finale.

Made from high quality distillate on special selected matured pears. It is featured with soft taste and unique aroma. The taste of fresh pears is felt.


Made from high quality distillate on specially selected flavoured and juicy apples. The apple flavour is very well reserved. The taste is strong and harmonious.


Made from high quality distillate on the sort Sauvignon Blanc. It is featured with amazing aroma and taste, that typical for the sort. Fermented under controlled temperature.


Gentle rakija, made from very well matured flavoured and sweet cherries. It is featured with fin and gentle flavour of cherry and light coloured aroma. It owns exclusive soft flavour with middle body and clear feeling for cherry at the palate.


Made from high quality distillate on special raised and selected plums on unique technology, that saves their distinctive taste and aroma.


Великденска акция

Made from high quality distillate on special raised and selected raspberries. Its unique and specific taste make it especially suitable for both operative and digestive. It is consumed with low and non-intrusive desserts.


Великденска акция

Exclusive figs rakija, made from high quality distillate. The rakija is made on a classic technology in a barrel and is featured with very pleasant strong aroma of sweet of figs. The taste is gentle and elegant, with pleasant fruit flavours and harmonious finale. It is very appropriate basically for digestive. It can be successfully combined with light (not too sweet) desserts like cheesecake or too light cheeses.


Grape rakija Staroprestolna 0,7l.


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